About us


You like to travel, you like to explore, you like to go places. We do to. And we asked ourselves a question: what can we do to take traveling to the new level? That’s how it all started.

Ask yourself, aren’t you tired of being drugged into a melting pot of tourists that go to the same touristic sights, eat in the same restaurants, and find the same to-do things? We are! Also, we love Ukraine. Ukrainian tourism is becoming very popular as it is a beautiful country full of contrasts and hidden gems. That is why we created aroundukraine.com , a service that helps you to make your trip to Ukraine truly authentic and unforgettable.

We offer you a new way to travel. And we know you’ll love it!

Do you want to try the best Ukrainian food? Or maybe you’d like to find a cool dive bar in Kharkiv, an exclusive VIP lounge in Kiev, an authentic coffee shop or a chocolatery in Lviv? Don’t you want to do your gift- shopping at the places that sell products made in Ukraine instead of those chain stores filled with mass-market goods that you can find anywhere? We are positive that you do!

What is the best way to do all that and not spend days planning your trip? Find a local! aroundukraine.com gives you a great opportunity to choose a personal local guide who will plan your vacation in Ukraine based on your interests and preferences.


Sounds good? Try it!